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Its time you infuse your mind and body, rejuvenate your soul and sink in the divine experience. With Amaya's personal grooming care, give your skin the love and attention. Exclusively designed & innovative range of shower gels and bathing bars to revitalizes you senses.


Luscious, rich creme of 100% herbal Amaya Aroms Therapy Shower Gels cleanses skin deep. They are completely natural, time-tested and absolutely mild. Keeping in mind all skin types, the shower gels are designed to keep the purest form of nature. Their unique antioxidant and antibacterial properties gently detoxify and the natural oils moisturise your skin for that soft, supple touch. The fresh and playful kiwi, the lovely and incandescent Jasmine, the aromatic and delicate saffron have joined Amaya to add a touch of tenderness. Rejuvenate yourself to an all new bathing experience, exclusively designed for the proud self of you.


Live your youth longer, defy the age and play with the glow of your skin. Amaya Aroma Therapy Infused Bathing Bars will hold up your beauty era. These handmade soaps are made with the purest natural ingredients by using the golden cold-pressing method. The confidence lies in you as this designer bathing bar has 100% glycerin to explore your softest side. Decide your day with the exquisite fragrances of sweet Kiwi, ethereally attractive wine & jasmine, succulent notes of Neem & Basil and enticing Orange.
Make belive the world near you as these overpowering fragrances will make many hearts flutter harder. With Amaya's designer bathing bars there could be no other for you as you are so magical in yourself.

Pick your scent:

1. Amaya Saffron & Turmeric
2. Amaya Kiwi
3. Amaya Jasmine & Wine
4. Amaya Neem & Basil
5. Amaya Oranges

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Little Bit of Amaya in Your Life
Little Bit of Amaya in Your Life
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