World's first hand sanitizer uniquely designed for the women of today, made with the pure natural extracts of Jojoba. Combining the fresh, floral pearls of Jojoba are the succulent invigorating aromas. The Jojoba is magically encapsulated in the pearls containing the formula of Vitamin E that keeps your hands buttery soft and moisturised. Crafted in the most desired international fragrances, the femme hand sanitizers are a perfect blend of elegance and modernity.
It's for the ongoing, free-spirited modern women, who celebrate life and their unique identity. Indulge in the intoxicating aromas and evoke your senses.


Rough and rugged, bold and adventures, sporty and sensual, b pure introduces world's first homme hand sanitizers exclusively designed for the urban man. This unique piece of hand sanitizer is formulated with natural extracts of turmeric. Magically enveloped in the pearls, the turmeric has a fortified anti-bacterial formula that helps kill 99.9% germs and forms extra shield to keep you protected throughout. The pearls of turmeric are immersed in powerful & desiring international aromas to keep your refreshed and energetic.
Celebrate the sensual masculinity and leave a lasting impression while you keep reaching new heights.

Little Bit of Bpure in Your Life
Little Bit of Bpure in Your Life
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