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Kesari aims to bring forth Specialty & Advanced products in the HealthCare & Beauty industry to build a Healthy India. Kesari is India’s First ISO 3632 Category 1 CERTIFIED 100% Pure Saffron that has won the trust of leading Chefs in India. Organically grown in an Ideal Climate and packed as per GMP Compliance, Kesari is a saffron that is worth your trust! Walk your way to good health, one pinch at a time with Kesari Saffron.

A Grade Premium Quality Indian spices (clove, cinnamon, Black pepper, cardamom) straight from India’s finest spice plantations.

Authentic aromatic spices, fresh and hygienically packed.

Our Inspiration: Mother Nature

Taking along nature as our true companion, our product is made of complete goodness. Extracting the pure essence out of nature’s invaluable resource, we have packaged the product to suit your everyday needs. We believe that consuming Kesari is the way to amalgamate health, beauty and care, the 3 essences of a happy soul.

Our Promise

Kesari is 100% pure, unadulterated saffron brought to you in the finest condition. Quality is our topmost priority and we take special care to ensure that the product packaging is perfect. Kesari Saffron is packed as per GMP Compliance.

Cardamom: Aromatic Spice – one of the most expensive spices in the world.
Black pepper: Strong and Mighty – to be used in small quantities.
Cinnamon: Sweet & Woody sticks – Used to cook sweet and savory dishes.
Cloves: Strong and aromatic spice.

Buy 4 in 1 spice gift box. This gift box carries premium quality spices of Indian cooking serves as a perfect gift for anyone interested in cooking.

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